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Sunday, 29 January 2017

[MUSIC... journalism] sexism, misogyny, sexual harassment, misinformation

[SUMMER SOLSTICE 2019: ex InrockTelerama grand reporter Emmanuel Tellier got sacked 27 May 2019 for sexual harassment at work] 

Sunday 29 01 2017 – 1pm

Spanish red wine. Second glass. I was meant to write yesterday, but...

I always wanted to watch Lynne Ramsay’s We Need To Talk About Kevin... I hired it a few days ago from my local Dalston library. Of course for Tilda Swinton – what’s not to like about her, Derek Jarman’s muse, and Jim Jarmusch’s too and so many others... Most importantly for Lynne Ramsay! 1999. Ratcatcher. I’m blown. That line – by heart or memory – “Your mother only wears knickers to warm her ankles up”. 2002. Morvern Callar with Samantha Morton... Morton in 1997 in the so intense Carine Adler’s Under The Skin... soon after Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting... all blowing my cells... Ramsay does human study on conditions humaines with a scalpel! Thick and screaming like Francis Bacon, angular and atrophied like Egon Schiele... sharp thumbs and end finished like Alberto Giacometti.
I’m just trying to escape from what I want / need to write. I’m gazing, almost. A few minutes into We Need To Talk About Kevin and it’s already so perfect... tension wise, storytelling wise: there is Spanish tomato, blood, red paint! Ezra Miller seems the right choice for his saturnian role...

Seagulls are like vultures today above the Lee River... from my rainy window! Are there seagulls in Paris? It never fails, each time there is rain on my window I think of Chris Rea’s Josephine. How many times, as late teenagers, mini adults did we drive in an Alpha Romeo or on a motorbike by Claude Monet Museum listening to him loudly? Countless time. Him, the Giverny lover, but that 10km road somewhere in Normandy was also great for Chris Issak’s second album as well as a Roxy Music compilation, but yeah I am drifting away...

Yesterday, he wrote and “asked” “En compagnie de Lamb, le retour minimal et funky de Missy Elliott, avec un clip chelou : revival ou ringardos ?(In Lamb’s company, Missy Elliott’s minimal and funky return, with a weird video: revival or old fashion?).

He says Louise (Lou) Rhodes started as a photographer for Les Inrockuptibles. Lou, half of Lamb but not the Lamb of Missy Elliott. It’s all confusing, but that’s what he's good at: confusing people, playing mind games!

Is he talking about that woman who came one day with a portfolio? I remember her because no women had come before to be a photographer for Les Inrocks (not when I worked for them anyway). She spoke only English and had a deep décolleté. I think she was young and her face was singular, particular, pretty in a different way. I got her to wait in the “waiting room” and dared ask to see her photos. She was very willing. All I remember are her B&W pictures of men on walls (I had been an Au-Pair the year before and got “traumatised” by Humpty Dumpty). Then, the whole editorial team came in and I left. When she left, Emmanuel Tellier said her pics were not that great but she had beautiful small breasts... the team, the lads laughed. It must have been summer or spring because I remember light clothing around.
issue 31
focus on above
issue 32

This morning, I looked in the summer issue nº 30 with Leonard Cohen, she is not in there but her name features once in nº 31 (Jean-Louis Murat – Sept-Oct 1991) and once again in nº 32 (Leos Carax – Nov-Dec 1991). Twice in “popus” written by... Emmanuel Tellier (the very one who sexually harassed me while working for the magazine)!
Nº 34 (Ian McCulloch's cover), Louise Rhodes is cited as a photographer... interviews of bands from Manchester, Liverpool (Ian McC, James etc.), not a single picture of her! A ghost female photographer... like other female writers credited but not featured (Odile Horion or Anne Ducrocq)... Nº 40: credited but no photos of her!

So, the ugly, dirty and bad wants to prove that Les Inrocks were not sexists, misogynists and sexual harassers? Fine... But why does he spend his energy proving anything if I’m all wrong and inventing stories... blocking me on Twitter/FB, preventing me from working in the media?

Thing is... I never said anything about it prior to 2015. If they were those so called feminists, as they pretend to be, they would know that psychologically, we, women, don’t talk, don’t know how to react, don’t act, don’t realise what’s happening to us... until... so...
In prevention, they act/react in fright! They discredit us...

... Last year, I met 22 years old Anna B.M (ex la Cinémathèque worker). The number of things she says I recorded, the number of things she does... approved by Les Inrocks (JB Morain, Christophe Conte, Pierre Siankowski, Davis Doucet, Jean Jacky Goldberg, Bruno Deruisseau, etc)... on Commercial Street, she goes “You should do something else” (did I really ask for an advice from a 22 y.o?); when challenged on email about that “subliminal” sentence, she goes “You are blacklisted in the media”... when challenged about what she means exactly... she goes silent! Anna needs love, work and money! Don’t rely on her to make a revolution... she is as capitalist as Les Inrocks... using people as she goes along, just like Les Inrocks can’t care less about Sadiq Khan (14% readable before [and after] his election, as a non white portrait – article written 3 May 2016, pre-election, edited 6 May to say on intro he became mayor – super class... two articles in one) Why bother on a labour mayor or/and why bother with a non white (and Muslim)? They will need him if they try to colonise London again... So, they “praise” him in their cheap and indigestible blog Les Frères James!

Anna B.M wearing some revolutionary outfit!

Pierre Siankowski of Les Inrocks
Vincent Arquillere ex Les Inrocks
Alexis Hache of Les Inrocks
Gael Martin, friend of...

So, that French music “critic” that lives in Brighton (the one with a mission that keeps reading my blog but denies it)... what’s his excuse to mention Gavin Grindon on “Kept Left” paragraph – Aug 2015 (Grindon is no specialist on homelessness...) when I mentioned Grindon twice before in July 2014 and December 2014! Banksy had many artists’ guests... why not mention them all? 

What’s his excuse when I mention Le Tour de France in a Shoegazing piece on Les Inrocks Festival in Perfide Albion (July 2014) and then he goes... via Laure Narlian by “complete chance” Le Tour de France in Nov 2014... on Les Inrocks Festival in la Perfide Albion!

What’s his real excuse when I’m the one talking about the band Algiers in 2013, and then he goes wild about them a year later... emailing me that their record company told him about them, but then again he thinks they are English... when they are not! Emailing me he has no memory (of me working for Les Inrocks) in general and he also suffers from prosopagnosia (strangely enough I suffer from it too) and yet he remembers Algiers’ manager from... 30 years ago... Algiers, a band he discovered by chance on their website!

A music critic that spies on a female style journalist to the point he knows she lives with her parents in the “dirt”... How could he possibly know that? He is sick to the bone! That same guy who built me a desk in a corridor near the toilets to isolate me, who nazi saluted me in the morning because my dad had been in the army, who just gossips / misinforms his followers... dirty journalism! Creepy creature!

"I know a well known female lifestyle blogger
In reality, she has a shitty life, lives with her
parents in some ugly place"

And more gossips, misinformation...

Saying Hungary  is hiring hunters 
on their border against immigrants...
When in fact they were hiring men to
support police and officers

To finish on him or his mates, we, women are treated like shite in Les Inrocks... and they often use their female journalists to convey their hatred... Recently with Caroline Fourest ; a few weeks ago, a female journalist titled "Valerie Trierweiler has done it again" and I responded to it (see October 2016 section, 4th paragraph)

A bottle of wine later... am back on We Need To Talk About Kevin... surely a better subject matter than a gossiper!

When JD Beauvallet borrow images on the net without creditin or knowing its sensitive context and make fun of it: >

Sybille Castelain

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