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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dear Loic Prigent, I am not insane, I’m factual... or am I?

Dear Loic Prigent, I am not insane, I’m factual... or am I?

About a year ago, I came across your twits! I thought they were a piss take to women. Women in the fashion world. It’s not like you enhance them, is it? Your twits are meant to be funny, but most of them, if not all of them are about women saying “funny” things in the fashion world. It’s pretty perverse, but you got Catherine Deneuve to read them.
I’m more a fan on your documentaries.

The most recent one, 15 Feb 2017, I couldn’t remain silent: “Je ne suis pas folle, je suis factuelle” (I’m not crazy, I’m factual). Basically, a complete unknown woman to twit readers, is saying something that’s worth a twit and it is supposed to be funny.
TBH, I smiled because I recognised myself. But then again, how many women are told they are inventing facts? How many women are actually told they are crazy? How many women spend their time having to prove stuff because men are playing twisted games? Of course, women are too, but let’s say that here, I am focusing on sexual harassment, rape, sexism and misogyny! Most women are affected on the matter. I have been!

[If you speak to Laurent Bon, your boss @ Bangumi, he’ll tell you surely. If he plays shy, I have been sexually harassed @ Les Inrocks, 1991-1992... kept silent until two years ago]

I started my blog, based in London, in March 2013, waiting for a job to come, showing off my abilities in the world of arts. But have I got any abilities? Question drives me crazy at times. Les Inrocks were quick at noticing my blog, Jean Daniel Beauvallet at least.

If you have time to read, this is how much time I have spent writing, proving, being factual, trying to not sink into insanity: Le Diable ecoute The Smiths; bits and pieces here and there on Les Inrocks; Kill Your Friends; Dear Lemon Twigs; Dear George Michael; Dear Carole Boinet; Journalism / Sexism. Everything is about my ex bosses, Les Inrocks!

To cut it short, many of my posts have been used in Les Inrocks posts. But it’s only coincidences, innit? I’m just crazy, right?
To cut it even shorter (so you don’t have to read all my posts on Les Inrocks... or Les Inrocks rewriting my posts), I wondered why my post on David Hockney documentary Hockney (written in Nov 2014) and my post on Conflict Time Photography @ Tate Modern (written in Dec 2014) were intensely read, in French (I have English versions of them) in France, UK and US in June and July 2016... Fleur Burlet of Les Inrocks AKA Fleur Fleurette on Instagram met David Hockney in July 2016!
In my July 2016 section on “bits and pieces” (see above) I made a polite reference to it. If she interviewed Hockney for her Please mag, special on Los Angeles or California, the interview didn’t appear in its autumn issue. But late August early September 2016, again, my two posts were intensely read in France and UK. Did she try to publish it elsewhere? Did she ask him questions according to what she read on my posts?
Da bitch is now 25, I could be her mother, although the best thing I’ve done in my life is to be childless. I would have put organic weed in their milk bottle to boost their immune system, probably with a soupçon of vodka. I can’t believe I have to deal with that cretin of a human being!

Because London is so small, Les Inrocks keep walking on my footsteps. I do Somerset House, they do it, I do V&A, they do it, I do Tate, they do it, I do Alexander McQueen, they do it. How often, pre 2013 have they written about these places? When did they have a front cover on McQueen or any fashion designers? We are fucking talking McQueen here, a giant, a visionnaire, a “social worker”! He was alive once. Why an interest so suddenly?
I have done The Vulgar Fashion Redefined @ Barbican... they just did too!

Concretely? Here you are: 2013, I wrote on Wellcome Collection, months later, they wrote about the place too (for the first time, so it seems); still 2013, I wrote about Karen Knorr – Punks @ Ibid, months later they wrote about the same thing (first time they mention Knorr or Ibid? You bet!); Dec 2014, I wrote about Black British Experience... in March 2015, they write about it!

I have just written on Hockney @ Tate, they have just done it too. I talked Rembrandt, quick click of photography... ways of looking (David Hockney documentary Hockney; Conflict Time Photography @ Tate Modern; Hockney @ Tate Modern), Thomas Andrei of Les Inrocks has just written about it, same photos too... and he doesn’t understand what I’m talking about! Really? Does the fucker know that this very exhibition is travelling to Paris in a few months time? Was it necessary to puke his lame prose on it?

The very same guy who has just twittly befriended Alice Gros @ Fire records (herself a friend with the guy who harassed me at Les Inrocks... and strangely enough I can’t write on Fire Records artists! Only time to write on Las Kellies - the Argentinian ladies loved my post!

What do you think Loic, friend (or at least twit friend) with Les Inrocks journalist Jean-Marie Durand? Am I crazy, Am I factual? What do you suggest?
Any jobs at Bangumi / Stupefiant / Quotidien? I must be good at something if Les Inrocks keep using my posts! They make money out of an unemployed person! Class innit?

As Eric et Quentin would say “J’attends vos réactions!”

Sybille Castelain

PS: on 3 February 2017, I twitted on Nina Simone. On 13 February 2017, you started your prog with the exact excerpt. Coincidence or you are in love with me? How long before I go total nuts?
But you don’t care for music, do you...Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen.

[UPDATE] 19 Feb: tomorrow, on Stupéfiant, you will talk about feminine pleasure... Really looking forward to it! Your mate on the prog will be talking on Andy Warhol... Maybe I’m paranoid, but my December 2015 post on semi-him has been read sporadically in the past few weeks / months!
Since I’m at it, being paranoid, I wonder why Fleur Burlet of Les Inrocks keeps reading my posts? Why she is constantly in Clapton or Hackney, where I live: 17 February; a week ago; 12 February; and so bloody on! London, comment dire... is vast, big, huge, enormous, ranks 13 on population in the world against Paris, 42...  Well, if that makes her happy... cheap!
Since I am at it and you seem to be friend with Les Inrocks, why do they have to hide me on a 90’s picture to celebrate their 80’s start... when they had a picture of it? Will you agree they are a bit... sexists / misogynists / mentally harassing?
Oh well, I’m still at something... what do you think of Agathe Auproux of Les Inrocks writing about George Michael’s death, using one of my twit, when she probs doesn’t give a flying fuck about him? Then criticising a male boxer... and posing herself in similar “sexy” narcissus “strikes”?
Oh and Christophe Conte of Les Inrocks who’s been wondering why... Cos he’s got nothing to do with it... Well, he has! And so have all of them @ Les Inrocks and people supporting them... They have a voice to make this insanity stop, do something about it! But you know what? They make money out of it!

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  1. fichtre... ça fiche le vertige... et dire qu'il fut un temps où je me disais que j'étais pas dans le coup parce que je ne lisais pas les inrock'... (j'ai du acheter trois numéros, de toute ma vie, peut-être qu'inconsciemment j'ai compris que c'était pas mon univers) dire que j'ai été fière d'avoir une de mes photos publiées dans les inrock' (portrait d'un artiste avec qui je travaille)... mais que font ces gens, toute la journée à la rédaction?? ils recopient des articles produits par d'autres et ensuite défoncent les gens à coup de twits pour tuer le temps jusqu'à 17h? finalement vu les ordures de la ligue du lol, je comprends pourquoi les inrock' ont accordé leur Une à Bertrand Cantat... entre sociopathes, ils ont du se sentir des affinités.