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Monday, 2 December 2013

(cr)(H)(appy) XmAs to all. My Xmas shopping list below. I have them all... it’s for those you love, un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie or... pas du tout!

It simply hasn’t been a good year for me (I can’t force myself into “it’s been such an amazing year”), but let’s crop the crap... Many “presents” I have been sent or invited to have helped me through the year. The list contains only what I have received – been invited to – (not what I paid for) and I want to share my luv of the best”est”. There is a credit list at the end to thank those who have shown trust, belief and support. Selected links of previous posts are at the bottom. Please don’t feel you have to return the happy wishes... I don’t celebrate the bearded Coca Cola Michelin geezer. But job (ask for my CV please), money (lots... preferably but I’ll settle for less), sustainable and organic love or a drink are accepted. Chocolate and flowers are a no no! Now you know!

Best exhibitions =
David Bowie is @ V&A
Isabella Blow - Fashion Galore @ Somerset House (running until March 2014)
BRiAN WhARCome Dawn @ hopefully in a better place next time = Beware! Artist to follow

Other exhibitions in the mood for love too = Derek Jarman, Black Painting + Waiting for Waiting for Godot  @ Wilkinson (extended until 22 December – see post tomorrow), The Lady from the Sea @ Wapping Project (running till 22 December), Sarah Morris, Bye Bye Brazil @ White Cube, Lindsay Seers, Entangled2 (Theatre II) @ Matt Gallery, Bodil Furu @ Beaconsfield, Richard T Walker, In Defiance Of Being Here @ Carroll/Fletcher

Best films =
Silence by Pat Collins = DVD now available @ New Wave Films
Kneel Through the Dark by James Batley @ WWII Dalston’s bunker – great place for a special film = Beware! Filmmaker to follow

Best albums =
Willis Earl BealNobody knows = XL Recording – gigging in LDN in Feb.
Bruce Gilbert and BAW – Diluvial = Touch
Scout NiblettIt’s Up to Emma = Drag City
Las Kellies - Total Exposure = Fire records

Best DVDs =
London Trilogy by The Films of Saint Etienne 2003-2007 = available on BFI
In the Fog + Blockade, Revue and Landscape by Sergei Loznitsa = available on New Wave Films
Night Train by Jerzy Kawalerowicz, Here, Then by Mao Mao = available on Second Run
The Wall (Die Wand) by Julian Roman Pölsler = available on New Wave Films
Riddles of the Sphinx by Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen = available on BFI

Best gigs =
Disappears + Vision Fortune @ Lexington
Scout Niblett @ St John Bethnal Green

Best - new contemporary art, Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow, Mid-Century, Polynesian Pop, illustration, modern folk, tattoo artistry and Naive Pop – shop in UK (+ a great selection of books) =
Atomica = based @ 75 Berwick Street, W1 + they have a special PV on 5th of December – 6-9pm = 'Life & Lives', the first UK solo show from Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo. Running till 29

Best 1st time Event =
London Analogue Festival = celebrating analogue photography, film and sound art – early September.

Best music+images videos = all videos have just been retwitted
SavagesHusbands = Pop Noire label
FKA TwigsWater Me + Papi Pacify = Young Turks label
CrowsFrankish Empire = Dolphinarium label (not on Pop Noire as I was naughtily misled for their DCR gig / one member works for PN though – French journo says me) great energy and alchemy on stage! Beware! Band to follow
AlgiersBlood = one of those artists I have strongly promoted, for their political “battle”, to Time Out, The Guardian, Metro, abroad and more. Their video just got selected for the Marc Burrows Guardian’s list! Shame they were very-very “shy” @ their DCR event... Nice guys though!

Next film release and being posted soon = The Innocents by Jack Clayton @ BFI Southbank + selected cinemas = 13 December

ISABELLA BLOW: FASHION GALORE! - Edited by Alistair O’Neill - Principle Photography by Nick Knight - Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. On blog soon

Book by Joe Bank aka Disinformation = Rorschach Audio – Art & Illusion for Sound – Strange Attractor – Joe is Disinformation @ GV Art, W1 – running till 14 Dec

In 2014
3 January 2014 = two essential film releases (posts to come)
The Missing Picture (L’image Manquante). A film by Rithy Panh. Released on New Wave Films
- La Belle et la Bête. A film by Jean Cocteau. Part of Gothic season @ BFI Southbank

2014 will mark the 20th anniversary of Derek Jarman death (Feb 1994) = there will various events running through the year, including an exhibition Derek Jarman: Pandemonium - Thursday 23 January - Sunday 9 March 2014 @ King's College London, WC2; a film season @ BFI Southbank from February to March + Serpentine gallery (TBC)

Jan-Feb @ GRAD, W1 = Soviet film posters of the 1920s. The exhibition will mark the opening of the UK/Russia year of culture.

Since it’s wishing time = apart from wanting a job, money, love and a dolphin... I want the moustache ridicule to stop! 2014, bring on the cow-boy/motorbike boots and let’s Walk on the Wild Side!

Post is being sent to Press Officers, artists or their agent, rec labels, film distrib’, galleries, Time Out / Guardian / Metro / NME / ST Editors (music, films, art + some worldwide loonies in the media or not). Link on FB & Twitter. As usual, happy to edit for the correct info.

THX to those showing beastie luv for bbldnrbtl = worldwide readers, BFI Stephen Street’s ladies, New Waves Films ladies, Senhor Obrigado from Drag City, Somerset House ladies, MS, JR, Mr Hutchie, Alice @ music inde, Aliya @ GRAD, Anna Goodman, LLD @ Time Out, Lilly @ Beaconsfield, (AB/TJ,MB @ Guardian), Lauren @ Lexington for sorting in two quick emails the Russian prison issue, Spikey my favourite cat but not my cat, all Clapton dogs, and all swans for making me laugh @ breakfast for being so bleedingly stupid!

Selected links from previous posts =
David Bowie = is @ V&A, click here
Isabella Blow - Fashion Galore = still running @ Somerset, click here
The Lady from The Sea = still running @ Wapping Project, click here
Pat Collin’s Silence = DVD now available on New Wave Films, click here
Willis Earl Beal = Nobody knows, click here
Bruce Gilbert and BAW = Diluvial, click here
The Films of Saint Etienne 2003-2007 = London Trilogy, click here
In the Fog + Blockade, Revue and Landscape by Sergei Loznitsa = click here or here
Here, Then by Mao Mao = click here
The Wall (Die Wand) by Julian Roman Pölsler = click here
Riddles of the Sphinx by Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen = click here
Scout Niblett’s It’s Up to Emma = click here
Disappears + Vision Fortune @ Lexington = click here
Las Kellies, Total exposure = click here
James Batley’s Kneel Through the Dark = click here
DCR event related =
James Batley, Crows, Algiers = click here
Interview with Algiers (a plethora of topics - DCR hardly mentioned though) = click here

Xmas Lullaby = Death is not the end = Nick Cave & co version = on twitter

Stalk the twit on = - fresh videos

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