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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Guy Bourdin: Image-Maker @ Somerset House, London WC2 – jusqu’au 15 mars 2015

Charles Jourdan, Fall 1977
© The Guy Bourdin Estate, 2014 / Courtesy A+C

... "Même si je ne me suis pas sentie émue à revoir son travail connu, ses Polaroids et ses photos sans titres et non publiées m’ont en revanche plongée dans une profondeur quasi science-fictionnelle : un voyage entre J.G. Ballard et Blow-UP" ...

Due to constant plagiarism and ongoing psychological abuse, I have taken down this post!
I started this blog to write on art, music, films... enlighten artists and what’s going on in London in hope of finding a job!
First, I was sexually harassed at Les Inrocks (FR) in 1991-1992.
Then, it became a chase after what I was doing, trying to become a journalist and photographer.
Plagiarism I for Les Inrocks;
Plagiarism II for Les Inrocks;
Plagiarism III for Bangumi/Stupefiant on France2 (TV) in January 2019:;
Plagiarism IV for Le Monde;
Stalking my Twits for Les Inrocks ;
Humiliated by ex boss at Inrocks who published my face as a cat in 2017, same guy who runs rumours about anything.

This is a short list! If you need to contact me, use my Yahoo. If you want to offer a job, I’m available @Sybillebbldnrbt

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