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Thursday, 8 December 2016

[MUSIC] Dear Lemon Twigs

Latest update 12 May 2017 in pink

Dear Lemon Twigs,
Last night, I was exaggerating on red wine at a Zaha Hadid party in one of her London designed structure and we spoke music (not with Zaha obvs) ... its future. [here it feels like singing Leonard Cohen’s The Future]
I mentioned your préstation @ Quotidien on TV with Yann Barthes. Not your music show, but the forecast. I repeat, the forecast as in weather predictions in France... I mean, seriously? Is this what you guys have to do to sell an album? Do you realise that it was not hilarious, not funny, not even slightly drawing a smile on our faces? Whose ass were you licking exactly?

Let me rephrase my last stunt!
Beggars Banquet France, the record label representing you in France, is realising that French journalists haven’t bothered much to write on your first opus. [Apart from their friends Les Inrockuptibles and they got you to play for their festival...]

So, how does it work? Your label asked their super friends Les Inrocks to push Quotidien to get you to ridicule yourself? – I’m saying super friends because for some funny reasons your label blocked me on Twitter for daring a dislike on Tobias Jesso Jr [JD Beauvallet and co don’t really want me in their radar... (been sexually harassed while working for them – the myth of fellatio)].

3 months after the shooting @ Charlie Hebdo 
for their freedom of speech,
Beggars France blocks me 2 April 2015...

... after sending me a gif
of Owen Wilson saying "Don't you know soy loco"
(well yeah I speak english and spanish) 
- that twit has been deleted today... 
but you can see 2 replies after their "lol", 
they had to unblock me, delete their twit and reblock me
How honest is that? 
I'll say it's abusive!
What's their reason apart from supporting Les Inrocks?
I had about 50 followers at the time! A huge threat?
(longest caption ever that demands a Q d'or award)

Perhaps it’s a compromise between the music programmers for Quotidien (Q) / Bangumi Prod and mag Les Inrocks? Your label or Q or the mag make you “prostitute” yourself in front of the French map and the mag writes an article on you describing Lemon Twigs as hilarious? Boosting some credibility to the mag, your forthcoming tour, your album?

And then Quotidien’s Community Manager (now gone... with the newly arrived & gone) is certainly devoting himself to RTing and overliking Beggars France twits – first time or so it ever happened, no other labels since their new TV show in September this year had that privilege! (Q has a daily music act) - Oh well, and Les Inrocks too being “liked”. 
 Quotidien RT Beggars France

Quotidien likes Beggars France

Quotidien likes Beggars France

Quotidien likes Les Inrocks that likes Beggars France

[How nice of the whole Q team to fully support harassment! But no they are not sexists because they do denounce on daily basis sexism and misogynists and whatevs against women! L'honneur est sain et sauf]

And guess who’s talking tonight on music? JD Beauvallet of Les Inrocks & Jean-Philippe Aline of Beggars Group –- Clémentine Bunel, the other guest to talk about French music acts in England. Clémentine was promoting Les Inrockuptibles Festival in London that started in 2014 and stopped in 2015. JD wanted to promote French acts on the Perfide Albion.
 Festival Inrocks London 2014 via 2 for the Road

Clementine Bunel who used to run 2 for the Road

JD Beauvallet on Festival Inrocks in London (2014-2015)

Ah yes, les Lemon Twigs, I’m actually talking to you... I also wish Yann Barthes had asked you proper questions and not over prepared ones... and you were so bored with them! Even I was ashamed of the whole scene... You could have been swearing like the Sex Pistols on TV, but you went on to do some forecast!

I mean... you do have intelligent things to say though on your album according to Face Culture and yet the French peeps reduce you to some silliness!

JD Beauvallet wants more forecast from Lemon Twigs
Is their music that bad?

So that might be the future of the music bizz and JD Beauvallet wants more of it and goes on with Goat Girl... and the XX, all represented by Beggars France! Like XX this week, you topped Les Inrocks front cover last month... Are we talking music mafia here or have I missed a point or two?

 Beggars France act The Lemon Twig: 9 Nov 2016

Beggars France act The XX: 7 Dec 2016

I wish I had written an article on you, on your music and posted photos of you because that’s what I do. But your music label dictates who can review their artists! 
Perhaps one day they’ll decide that the future of music is about releasing singles, just like the very old days, with another logic and more visual arts... my thoughts really on its future!

Guys, you might be young [17 and 19 yo], but don't let anybody manipulate you. You do music, stick to it FFS!
Anyway, we did our own forecast in Zaha Hadid’s “vagina just for you, with love, even drunk! It’s safe, go for it.

Update: 12 May 2017 adressed to Quotidien / Bangumi team

From Feb 2017, Quotidien ceased mentioning Les Inrocks: its editor Pierre Siankowski was accused of racism and lying!
Surprisingly, from Monday 8 May 2017, it’s been an avalanche of Les Inrocks as if once again they were the only reference in the media world: the Q comme Kiosque’s humorist; the doc on Emmanuel Macron (a negative aspect on Les Inrocks if you watch the doc, but if you don’t, it looks like the mag is a reference for the Macron’s team as presented by Yann Barthes!); the cheerleaders to RT (nearly 600x as I write); the cheerleaders on the sport section and so on!

11 May 2017, lucky Beggars France get a RT from Quotidien...

Once again, the CM team doesn’t really RT anyone unless it’s from their own peeps! Are they that super friends? - which still is discrimination in regard of other record companies! Or are they super vexed and über sensitive for being criticised on my Lemon Twigs post above?
FYI Bangumi peeps, you are paid to do what you do, I’m not! You get the chance to receive albums / artists from Beggars France, they have blacklisted me! You get invited to their gigs, I can’t even pay to see any gigs! Just swallow your pride, grow some balls, stop fanning the flames and get a life you little spoiled brats!
FYI (ii), I do like @JohnMorelandOK and I can’t review him!
If you really want to behave like assholes, you should receive those who vomit on Charlie Hebdo and who have become Jean-Daniel Beauvallet’s protégés soon after I interviewed them! (feel free to read the posts below my interview, it’s all about them and their Aleister Crowley devotion and their Charlie Hebdo’s puke).

On another post I’m writing now, I’m giving my view on the violence journalists are receiving by politicians in general and the FN in particular. Especially towards your journalists! I have no understanding whatsoever on how it’s possible to blacklist journalists. Do you understand why record labels like Beggars France are blacklisting journalists? 

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