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Thursday, 13 July 2017

[Exhibition] Plywood: Material of the Modern World @ V&A from 15 July to 12 November 2017

Armchair, Alvar Aalto, 1930, Finland. 
© Alvar Aalto Museum. 
Photograph Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Please Le Monde, Les Inrocks and any other publications (Radio Nova, L’Obs, Le HuffPost, Cheek mag) that Matthieu Pigasse “sponsor”, feel free to rephrase / rape this piece!

Yesterday, I went to V&A preview for Plywood: Material of the Modern World.
A very interesting exhibition on the eclectic history of plywood.
I really like the surfboards (1965), skateboards (1959-60 + 1969 + 1975 + 1989 + 1991), belly boards (1934).
But there are planes, boats, chairs, cars, etc. It’s a small exhibition and it’s free.

Sybille Castelain

Sorry V&A, I’ll hopefully complete this piece more seriously but due to plagiarism / competition from French publications, I am getting really tired.
Here is an explanation:

Past sexual harassment is one of the reasons Les Inrocks are stepping into my work

Here is a statement:
Recently, I was surprised to read my article on Grenfell Tower fire in the respectable Le Monde newspaper (21 June 2017).
However, the article was signed by a young man Florian Reynaud. I say ‘young man’ not as opposed to ‘old lady’, but to stress (French) media attention to youth and male reporters / journalists.

After sending a few emails to high rank position holders Luc Bronner & Jérôme Fenoglio @ Le Monde (still unanswered to this day), I wrote a piece related to sexism via silence while mentioning my activities in London, a city I have lived in since mid 90’s:
Am I not more legitimate to write on Grenfell than this young man? Could my gender and age be a real issue?

On 10 July, I watched vidéo de Prenons La Une (posted in March 2016) where Luc Bronner is invited to talk about women’s position in the [FR] media. He admits that equality is still a work in progress, adding that expert women on specific topics are rare. They are more commonly seen in the news as victims. In his honest view, I wonder in what field is Florian Reynaud an expert? How could he be an expert on Grenfell if he seems to copy-paste (BBCThe Guardian, my blog), translate?

On 23 September 2017, editor in chief Katharine Viner @ The Guardian is a guest on Post Truth Politics for Le Monde
Are women over 45 years old more tolerated and welcome if they hold a ‘glam’ work position? Are women taken more seriously in order to cover up male editors who fall ‘victims’ of their sexism? Passed 45 years old, can an unemployed female journalist hope to be published in a mainstream media?
[These questions are also valid for people who are disabled, non white or LGBTI]

Le Monde is not the only one to pillage my blog (their silence leaves an open door to discomfort).
Matthieu Pigasse owns also Les Inrocks who have helped themselves on my ideas / articles on the London cultural city since I’ve started to e-publish myself… covering same topics, visiting same galleries / museums (London has so many of them). As if the English capital was a small town where little was happening!
Worse thing is young journalists copy a woman who could be their mother... I am therefore rejuvenating their weekly paper’s image! If only they could focus on Paris... Surely, there must be some happenings there?

Shame Luc Bronner has been ignoring my emails! Shame he seems to protect himself on the sexism issue by RT / follow (young) women since my emails!

Elitism luxury, media power should also give courage to communicate, reassure... preventing from provoking distress! Courage is not about simply worshipping Simone Veil or Virginie Despentes. It should also be about imitating these women / taking a stance... Courage shouldn’t be about using women as a shield against its guilty conscience! Hello Luc Bronner / Jérôme Fenoglio and anybody at Les Inrocks!

Sybille Castelain 

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