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Thursday, 2 May 2013

IN TRANSIT, featuring Central Saint Martins’ postgraduate Interim Show. 14 May to 18 May 2013

The Masks of Wolves
Felt Masks
800 x 50 x 8 cm
Katie BrightSide
When some people commute in the tube with laptops on their laps, Katie BrightSide has a sewing machine. If not, she sews wolves. I actually noticed her amazing artwork in Vyner Street (Hackney) when I visited a collective exhibition there. We kept in touch and she invited me to In Transit show: IN TRANSIT is an art exhibition taking place in the V22, from the 14th to the 18th of May 2013. The exhibition is CSM’s Postgraduate Interim Show featuring works by 65 International emerging artists.
This show investigates a broad spectrum of matter and media; from more traditional formats like painting, drawing and sculpture to audio/video installations, performance art and interdisciplinary media. I have web spotted some very, very interesting artwork by Katie’s fellow artists/students.

Central Saint Martin’s alumni include some of the most renowned names in the fields of art including Lucian Freud, Mona Hatoum, Raqib Shaw, Anthony Gormley, Cerith Wyn Evans, Peter Doig, Gilbert and George, Richard Hamilton and Isaac Julien.

Katie BrightSide
BrightSide's work mirrors the confusion that exists between adult sexualised society and naïve childhood ideals. She has a fascination with contemporary retelling of childhood fables with an adult content. BrightSide artwork has autobiographic content. She has exhibited across the globe and is fortunate to study an MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martin's, London.

Anna Kolosova
I like observing the way people materially express themselves and comparing that on a visceral level to objects and environments. I watch/investigate those people who decorate their bodies as objects of desire. As an artist that has been trained within the traditional painting conventions I see my surroundings compositionally. I notice correlations between things on people’s bodies, which are framed in my mind into a picture. I analyse the reasoning behind their choices, namely ones that show their urges to exist through means of ‘being seen as an object’, life-less beautiful things.

Americana (Because it's Beautiful)
fabrics on wood
200 x 120 x 6 cm
Anna Kolosova

Noemi Niederhauser
A collection of screws frequently used in hangings and exhibitions. Usually chosen because of their discretion and their capacity to hang objects without being visible; they become here the main subject of the work. Enlarged and put forward, they lose their anonymity and invisibility in favor of some recognition. Interrogating at the same time the construction of meanings and narratives through forms of display with some aspects being put forward while other stay in the background.
Les travailleurs de l'ombre
ceramic, acrylic paint
130/40cm     Noemi Niederhauser

Cristiana do Nascimento
The materials that Cristiana do Nascimento usually works with are natural, and non-processed. Her work is about the craftsmanship process focusing on the theme of nature as a cyclical resource. Her aim is to explore ways to extract and transform matter through human energy. She gains knowledge about the substances she is working with by labor intensive procedures; the material dictates when a sculpture is finished. Photography is used to archive the processes which the materials undergo, at the same time becoming an autonomous work of art that reveals the features of the material in a poetical context.

Untitled, from 2013, digital print on paper, 12.5x17.8cm. Cristiana Nascimento
Boris Raux
I approach art through a rarely used medium with disappearing and blurred contours : smell.
My work questions through this perceptive filter, our relationship to the world. It is an invitation to rediscover the multiple facets of our constructed identities. Through this olfactory perspective and everyday anecdotes, I seek to highlight our ambiguities in order to understand ourselves better during a narration I call: “my olfactive chronicles”.
With this « oIfactory chronicles », I approach fine-art as a novelist who is just trying to give thickness to our existence through short stories. That’s an expanded field process but there is always a failure, a loss somewhere and somehow. That’s just the magnificient beauty of the tragedy and it is to better to appreciate it with humour : keep smelling !

"les divisions d'espace" - the space divisor GA/FP - 2008
fans, electronic controls and washtubs filled with fabric softener "Grand Air" (strong breeze) and "Fraîcheur Printemps"(spring freshness) Boris Raux

Sina Michalskaja
In Sina Michalskaja's work, vision and cognition melt into each other. Photography, for her, is about the underlying signification of surfaces in a world that seems largely determined through visual overstimulation.
Partly Sina works in the tradition of the Bechers, yet she modifies the concept of typology by investigating the physical manifestations of ideas.

Cultural Advantages III
64 x 84,5
Sina Michalskaja
Private View: 14.05.2013 6-9pm            Exhibition: 14.05.2013-18.05.2013 12-6pm every day

Address: V22 Gallery, Bermondsey, F Block, The Old Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road (at the Junction of Webster Rd) London SE16 4DG
Free entrance

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