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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hysteria. An art event curated by Agata Cardoso & Bjørk Grue Lidin. 25 April from 1pm to 11pm. Camden NW1. £5

Image by Agata Cardoso 
“untitled” (from the series Show Me Your Meat)
Silver geletine print 
16x20 cm

A few months before, I had my first periods. A stain on a thick pink cotton pantie. Of course, it was not proper red as I expected and thought something was wrong with my butt.
A few months after, on a late “cool” afternoon at 60 degrees Celsius, on the Place Rimbaud in Djibouti, my mother took me to a Chinese shop. She asked me to choose table cloth and other uninteresting stuff. I told her she had enough things at home, why bother? All I wanted was to flirt with some boys of the French lycée at a Café. She then said the scariest magical thing. The stuff was my dowry. After a long frozen moment, I solemnly declared I was a lesbian and she will never be a grandmother.
From that very moment, everything around me seemed to remind my vagina was there for a purpose, that my hundred of dolls were presents to design me as a caring mother with natural instincts!
At 22, I was landed a dream job: working for my favourite magazine in Paris. For almost two years, I was the only FT woman working with nine FT men. On a casi daily basis, one of the journalists handed me a 100FF note for a blowjob with his accomplice (now based in Brighton) over watching the request with a perfidious smile. One day, the graphic designer witnessed the “game” and told me I should report. It was my chance to get into this world and I didn’t report. A few months after, I was asked in the editorial room to choose between three Murat photos for the front cover because they were divided. I was thanked by the editor as “merci salope”. It tattooed my brain! I had no idea how to react and went back to my desk. Samy, the freelance film critic I adored, rushed to me and said it was not acceptable, I had to leave, they wouldn’t change. His face was decomposed and apologetic.
10 years later, I was taken to disciplinary in an art department I worked because I refused the generosity of a “superior”. Two years battle supported by a group of feminist and a male colleague that ended not only in me receiving a certain amount of money but the big boss admitted I did nothing wrong... He resigned after 25 years in the place and settled across the globe. My main boss was a coward who lectures at times at the Photographer’s Gallery. Initially, I didn’t accept the money, I loved my job and the place was amazing with really nice people, but a man asked the right question “Do you think they (the men) will leave you alone?

I hate considering myself a feminist because I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of equality between men and women. We are not enemies and yet we haven’t learnt to accommodate to one another distinctions. If only we were hermaphrodite like snails and slugs or have the ability to change sex like Percula Clownfish or Parrot Fish... What annoys me is the patriarchy system that some believe in (men and women), but what irritates me most is the man who believes to be a feminist when declaring whatever he is on, prompting his “propaganda” with a reference to a woman feminist or worse... when he celebrates a woman for doing a good job if she happens to be his boss.

The struggle goes on and whatever part of feminism we are celebrating, Hysteria invites you to unite on the 25 April for a whole day of exhibition exploring through artwork the potential of feminist resistance and transformation. A space for artists who dare to lay bare the reality of patriarchy. Such is a reality that can be denaturalized, scrutinized and criticized but the question remains, can it ultimately be disrupted? Can feminist critique catch up with reality or collapse into futility? It is the impossibility of capturing a moment of detour from reality that art renders momentarily possible.
This exhibition will reflect on how cultural imagery and narratives potentialize manifestation in reality.

Agata Cardoso and Bjørk Grue Lidin are curating A Day For Hysteria, under the banner of HYSTERIA.
An art event in Camden on 25 April 2014. It involves performance art and visual arts by:

Lewis G. Burton | Andie Macario | Victor Ivanov | Amy Kingsmill | Katherine Howe | Rosanna McNamara | Agata Cardoso | Giulia Loi | Bethe Bronson | Anna Kolosova | Yasmine Akim | Emma Harvey | Julia Maddison | Katy Wallwork | Maria Marquez | Simone Fontana Reis | Kerry Burns | Trinity Spöhrer | Lena Mattsson  | Paula Chambers

HYSTERIA Manifesto will be distributed at the event in addition to the HYSTERIA issue 1 (Square Knot, £3).

HYSTERIA # 1 'Backlash' (Square Knot, £3)
Where =Mornington Sports and Leisure Centre, 142-150 Arlington Road, NW1 7HP, London
Time = 1pm to 11pm
Entrance = £5

To those who read Spanish, a Peruvian article has just been published as I am publishing on HYSTERIA =

UPDATE - 23 jAN 2015 = Since meeting the Hysteria people, I haven't heard from them...
Today, reading their FB page I came across this ignorant and nasty comment on Charlie Hebdo =

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